Tamra joined the Sarah J. Fitness Team last Fall! Tamra is a 27 year old single mother that works full time and still finds an extra hour in her extremely busy day to stay active and fit!

Tamra dedicates 2 hours a week to the SJF Studio for one on one or partner personal training. She also completes her cardio workouts on her own and has made huge strides in changing her diet.

Tamra has a passion for soft ball, but has now fallen in love with Power Lifting, strength training and HITT workouts! Here are a few of her recent accomplishments.

Concept 2 500 Meter Row- 2:21 to 2:01!
Push ups -35 to 40!
Sit ups-40 to 44!
Plank -3:00 to 4:30!
Leg press -335 to 360 pounds!
Bench press – 85 to 100 pounds!!

These numbers prove Tamra’s dedication to being a better version of herself. She works hard every session she is training and she is reaping the benefits.

Tamra we are glad to have you be part of the Sarah J. Fitness Team. You are beautiful inside and out and we love having you here!

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